Monday, November 20, 2017

Kids' Review: The Peanuts Movie Novelization by Charles M. Schulz

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The Peanuts Movie Novelization by Charles M. Schulz (adapted by Tracey West)
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Publication date: September 22, 2015
My rating: 5 stars out of 5

Miss R's Review

Howdy, I’m Miss R. My mom writes book reviews, but she hasn’t done one in awhile. I’ll be reading books then I’ll review them and take pictures of the book (maybe me with the book).
I’ll help kids see what the book is all about! From time to time, I'll have crafts for a recently reviewed book.

I have a helper named Bubby. She’ll be starring in my photos. (She also might have something to say in my book reviews.) Bubby is an Easter bunny who got kicked out since she couldn’t stop eating all the chocolate eggs! I found her in the store one day. I brought her home and she’s made many friends.

The Peanuts Movie book was about a boy named Charlie Brown. He was around the age of ten. Charlie Brown liked the new girl in his school, but he thought she wouldn’t like him. Snoopy, Charlie Brown's dog, writes a love story book. Lucy, a girl at Charlie Brown’s school, is rather snobby. She and the rest of the kids in the school do not let Snoopy in the school.

My favorite part of the story was when the Little Red Haired Girl told Charlie Brown that he was the sweetest and kindest person in the school

The Peanuts book is a fiction comedy book. It is a twenty one chapter book. I’d suggest it to any age. If you're a kid (or if you are one yourself) that can’t read (but I am sure all of you reading this can read), then your parents could read to you.  If you can read, I'd suggest reading it yourself.

It was originally written by Charles M. Schulz and adapted here by Tracey West. This book was based on the 3D Peanuts Movie. It has a good story. It follows the movie very well. It's a great book for comedy loving kids (and adults).

I loved this book! It's funny and sad (mostly funny if you have watched the movie). They explain the book very well. It's almost like you are in the story. There are pictures in the middle.

Publisher's Description
The Peanuts gang is gearing up for a brand-new adventure in this charming retelling of the holiday season’s biggest animated movie event!

There’s a new kid in town, and she’s a smart, kind, beautiful Little Red-Haired Girl. And—good grief!—Charlie Brown finds himself instantly with a crush on her. Will he be able to impress her?

Meanwhile, Snoopy is heading out on a fantastical flight of the imagination as the Flying Ace! While on his adventure, Snoopy falls head over heels for Fifi, a spunky, high-flying poodle, in the skies over Paris. But when the dastardly Red Baron captures Fifi, it’s up to Snoopy and Woodstock to take down the Red Baron once and for all!

Relive the action, fun, and magic in this incredible retelling of the Peanuts movie that comes with an insert with images from the movie and is sure to be loved by fans young and old!