Saturday, April 17, 2021

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Your Book-Loving Mom

These may or may not be hints for my own family. 😜 You know the drill.. these are affiliate links. So, at no cost to you, I'll get like a penny or two if you purchase from Amazon when you click through from these links.  THANK YOU!  

I won't be recommending books... there are plenty of other posts on this blog to see what books I like and read and books are so personal. Unless I specifically have a book on a wish list or unless it's a really extra super duper special book the giver just knows I will love and may not have already heard of, I prefer to obtain my own books and not receive them as gifts. Plus, I'm a wannabe minimalist so I really, really love the simplicity of using the library for most books I read. 

You will notice a theme on all these items (CATS! The theme is CATS! Well, and books - did you see the name of this blog?).  Use these ideas to spark your own ideas if your mom isn't as into cats as I am.  

1. Kindle Paperwhite $129.99  

I love, love, LOVE my Paperwhite. I still love a good physical book but I do the majority of reading on my Paperwhite. It props nicely for reading while I'm eating breakfast or lunch and it's pretty easy one-handed use when my cat demands my other hand for petting. 

2. A blank journal $5.99

If your mom reads a lot of self-improvement books (this one does), then she probably engages in journaling. Journaling is a super helpful practice, whether you're journaling gratitude, working on that long pondered novel, or just keeping track of the day-to-day workings of a household. The actual journal should be something your mom wants to see every day!  I know this cute kitty cat journal would look mighty sweet on my desk. Check out more from Whimsy Books Publishing here

3. Bookmarks $7.99

Yea, duh. Book lovers love bookmarks. I personally prefer just the standard heavy cardstock bookmark rather than the fancy ones with magnets or some such. While tassels are cute, for someone with foster kittens (me!), they are not practical if you want the bookmark to remain in the book and not be pulled out and dragged across the house by a playful cat or kitten.

Speaking of libraries... books are heavy! A decent-sized tote bag with long enough handles to hold on your shoulder is a must. 

Some stereotypes are stereotypes because they are true. Book lovers tend to drink coffee and tea in large quantities. A mug that also involves a favorite book is always appreciated! 

Fact: One cannot own too many soft cotton t-shirts. 

If we're leaving the house to go to the library or bookstore, we have to mask up. Why not show our love of all things books?

I don't know about all readers, but THIS reader gets a cold neck a lot. So, between being cold and tensing up from the cold and then leaning over to read, a scarf to keep my neck warm is a very appreciated gift. Alas, I couldn't find one with books AND cats, but this one from Alice in Wonderland with the Cheshire Cat's famous quote comes close enough to keep with my theme.  See more options from the Literati Club Store here

Because who doesn't love a mashup of tea and literary quotes wrapped up with a pun! English Breakfast Tea with a literary quote on each tag. 

These are SO GOOD, but just the sort of thing that this mom would never buy for myself! And that is exactly the sort of thing that is great to buy for your mom for Mother's Day. What treat does she like but never gets for herself? These are nice because they don't make your hands messy... important when reading! 

What ideas can you add?  What are you hoping to receive on Mother's Day morning (but not too early on Mother's Day morning)? 

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