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Witches Get Stuff Done by Molly Harper

Witches Get Stuff Done (Starfall Point, #1)Witches Get Stuff Done by Molly Harper
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**Three-Star Review: Witches Get Stuff Done by Molly Harper**

"Witches Get Stuff Done" by Molly Harper presents a mix of magical intrigue and charming characters in a debut installment that promises potential for future growth. While the story's premise and characters are engaging, notable issues hinder a complete immersion into the magical world the author is building.

One of the book's main setbacks lies in its continuity and spatial positioning. The occurrence of characters hugging across counters or moving unconscious individuals with implausible ease disrupts the reader's ability to suspend disbelief. The concept of time becomes somewhat muddled, as when a "few days" are only two days. Such discrepancies are distracting and prevent the seamless flow that a fantasy story demands.

The novel's pacing leans toward the brisk side, resulting in whirlwind relationships and difficulty keeping track of time progression. Relationships that develop rapidly might leave readers struggling to invest fully in the emotional arcs. However, despite these pacing issues, the characters shine as the book's redeeming quality. Their likability and distinct personalities contribute to the overall appeal of the story.

As a first installment in a series, some leniency in judgment can be granted, acknowledging the space for growth and development. The publisher's description of the book alludes to a promising foundation, witchy powers, a ghost-filled mansion, and a captivating coven dynamic. This initial offering lays the groundwork for future exploration of the magical world, allowing room for the series to mature and evolve.

One notable misstep in the book is the awkward placement of a single explicit scene. It feels out of sync with the overall tone and pacing, detracting from the story's cohesion. The impression is that the book tries to cater to a broad audience but attempts too many angles, resulting in a slightly disjointed reading experience.

In conclusion, "Witches Get Stuff Done" introduces readers to a world of magic, ghosts, and potential sisterhood, with engaging characters that mitigate some of the narrative's shortcomings. While continuity, pacing, and thematic focus detract from a fully immersive experience, the groundwork laid for future books in the series offers hope for improvement. Those willing to overlook the initial hiccups might find themselves eager to see how the world of Starfall Point evolves in subsequent installments.

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